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Dec 6, 2013 3:00am EST
terms of some of the stock news? postnl now, nestle is selling over a billion ollars worth of stock in givaudan. they are reacting aggressively. postnl down. the opening prices begin to filter in, you get a better complexion of how the market works. b.p. up 3 1/3 of 1%. >> thank you. joining us now for a look at his 2014 outlook for european equity markets is goldman sachs' chief equity strategist, peter oppenheimer. talk to me a little bit about what you're expecting for 2014. 2013, equity markets have had a good rally to say the least. can we build on that? >> i think we can. rellive to other asset classes as well. there are two wives looking at this. the prospects are still very poor and equities will benefit from what we expect to be a reasonably good pick in global growth. we're expecting pretty decent gains in europe around 15% to 15%. plus -- 12% to 15%, plus dividends. >> how much of equity growth has to do with fundamentals and how much has to do with the stimulus being delayed until april or march next year? >> we are in ra transition especially in europe from a market driven
Dec 10, 2013 1:00am EST
the local economy. is a city nestled against the adriatic sea. it has been a hit with tv crews and tourist. the medieval time -- medieval town features and the last season of "game of thrones congo thrones,"f and now they are trying to cash in. $75, she runs a tour and draws crowds from across the globe. a lot of people from australia and america, especially younger people who know about the show new the city through that. that sort of introduces them and they want to come here to see where it was filmed. is in thetory middle ages when it was an important trading hub. and damaged by yugoslav troops during the war of independence. now it was to restore its place on the global tourist map. they are hoping that the show will help spread the word. >> sticking with the film references, t rivet -- tv references, if you thought the invisibility cloak was finished with "harry potter" think again. ♪ >> carol massar will be at world porch, the $1 billion hub in louisville kentucky. one million ash more than 4 million packages a day are sorted in the holiday season. we'll have a live interv
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2